Healing Promotion, Gram Positive Bacteria, Gram Negative Bacteria, Fungal Infections, and MRSA
ARX customizes preparations to treat a variety of wounds and skin ulcers to improve therapeutic
outcomes, reduce side effects, and save patients time and money. Our Spira Wash and Pracasil gels
and creams deliver the medication to the wound site in an easier, more pleasant and potentially more
effective manner. Multiple medications that have been shown to have
modest effects individually are combined to form a more potent custom ized blend. Result: The wound healing process is frequently accelerated
with a corresponding decrease in discomfort.
Spira-Wash Gel is a base designed to promote a moist wound envi ronment to promote the healing process. It is a soft, opaque Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) ointment base
containing organic meadowsweet extract. Due to the phenolic glycosides (spiraein) and
flavonoids in the meadowsweet, it potentially has germicidal, anti-inflammatory and
healing properties, thus making it a favorable choice for wounds, ulcers, burns, sores,
and cuts. Ointments that are not water soluble often present a challenge to wound care
patients and practitioners; Spira-Wash Gel may be a welcome option. Spira-Wash Gel is a
water-washable base for easy cleansing/debridement. It is adherent, provides occlusion,
and maintains a moist environment at the wound/dressing interface.