Migraine, Tension Headache, Spasm
Neurological issues can be serious and debilitating. Topical administration of neurological drug therapy is a new approach to treating
such neurological conditions. This process appears to work by acting
directly on nerve endings within the skin layers which relay impulses to
the central nervous system, resulting in a therapeutic benefit through
modulated impulses influencing the CNS impulses; possibly by axonal
transport, significantly relieving the neurological condition. Within
5-10 minutes of application, many patients have reported receiving
therapeutic benefits, with a duration of 4-12 hours, depending on the
particular compound and disease state or symptom. Topical therapy
also is a great benefit for these neurological drugs due to the reduction
of drug interactions and side effects, as well as keeping therapy localized and non-systemic.
Like many products, the true mechanism by which these neuropathic drugs act has not been completely established.