Studies have reported that over 43% of the women in America experience little or no sexual satisfaction from orgasm
and only 25% achieve orgasm during intercourse. Whether someone is multi-orgasmic or among the 43% of women who
are sexually frustrated, any woman who desires maximum sexual fulfillment, greater intimacy, and
enhanced relationships, stands to benefit from regular use of Libido Cream. This works by enhancing nitric oxide production in a woman’s sexual organs. Nitric oxide will draw blood into the genital
area, which will cause the clitoris to be aroused and become highly sensitive. Orgasm happens when
a completely aroused clitoris is correctly stimulated. Our bodies produce nitric oxide, which helps in
blood circulation. In this process, the clitoris is properly engorged and the vagina is properly lubricated. The addition of the drug L-Arginine also results in an increase in blood flow and improved
sexual response