Commitment to Our Patients

  • We provide customized compounded prescriptions using FDA approved drugs specifically designed for the individual patient.
  • We provide quality comprehensive counseling and education to each patient in regards to medications dispensed and route of administration.
  • At our pharmacy we offer alternative methods to treat pain while reducing the risk of abuse and addiction.
  • Excellent customer service is always expected from our patients by answering all questions and follow up after medication is administered
  • With us, you’re family!


Commitment to Our Healthcare Professionals
  • Provide a quality preparation constructed by highly skilled pharmacists and technician specifically trained in compounding both sterile and non-sterile medications.
  • Respond immediately to all prescriptions to ensure timely delivery to the patient.
  • Minimize calls back to the healthcare provider’s office by providing excellent quality and pharmaceutical care.
  • ​Provide state of the art technology to the physician’s office, using e-scripts.