ARX Vision

ARX blends classic compounding sciences with advanced formulating technologies to create high quality treatment solutions. We aim to improve patient quality of life through the timely delivery of robust formulations tailored to individualized needs. Industry-wise, ARX aspires to positively influence the perception and utilization of compounding as a preferred option for the treatment of a broad and diverse range of pathologies.



Your doctor sends us your prescription,

We formulate a custom compound.

compound machine

And it gets delivered straight to your door.

Let us know how it’s working, and we can reformulate based on your feedback!

mortar and pestle

“We’ve increased the painkiller to 3%, let us know how that works!”

Who We Are

ARX – Accurate RX Specialty Pharmacy is a full service, state of the art Compounding Pharmacy specializing in formulating individualized compounds for patients and prescribers. ARX thanks you for choosing our pharmacy to meet your patients’ unique therapeutic needs. Our mission is to provide high quality compounded treatment options, together with dedicated patient services and practice support. We provide comprehensive counseling and patient education through individualized follow up. Our pharmacy staff has been specifically trained in the art of compounding, including enhanced in-service training from PCCA-Professional Compounding Centers of America. A fully licensed facility, ARX purchases its chemicals only from FDA regulated manufacturers that are quality assured through analysis and certification for identification, purity, and potency. We specialize in non-narcotic pain creams, wound management, scar management, neurology management, nausea management, dermatology, bio-identical hormones, and much more. ARX is a valued member of IACP-International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists, as well as PCCA and other industry affiliations. Our participation in these professional organizations provides us access to extensive research and development in all areas of pharmaceutical compounding. We strive to be an innovator in advancing compounding achievements through patient satisfaction


The Staff

Our team is comprised of:
  • patient service representatives
  • billing experts
  • prior authorization
  • workers comp and special claims departments
  • pharmacy technicians
  • technical support
  • sales support
  • shipping departments
  • design and development teams
  • account managers
  • pharmacists
  • marketers
  • and executive management

Every member of our team is highly trained and HIPAA certified.


•Professionally Guided–Support staff of physicians, pharmacists, nurses, techs,
and more
PCCA Member and Products–Professional Compounding Centers of America
•Clinical Database of Research and Support & Highest Study-Proven Quality
•Highest Proven Quality Bases:
Lipoderm, PracaSil, SpiraWash, VersaBase, and more.
•One Stop Shop–Wide range of products to fit almost any patient need (head to
•Call Center for quick assistance and information to patients and physicians
•Up Front Price Notification
•Can take care of ALL patients–Commercial Insured, Medicare, Work Comp,
Cash, etc.
•Pt Tear Off Pads–Increased patient contact, information, assurance, and faster
•Fast, free, overnight delivery
•Clinical Patient Follow-Up & Scale Reporting with Data Access
to patients and
•Professional representation and assurance: Member of PCCA, IAC